Empowering people with insights so that distance doesn't matter

Smartrak's reason for being has everything to do with people. We come to work every day excited to work with smart, creative people and dynamic clients with whom we develop trusted relationships.  We are proud of the fact that our location-based business intelligence solutions help clients make smart business decisions even when they can't be in the field near their operations or with their personnel. 

Smartrak's GPS tracking, sophisticated mapping, and customised reporting tools provide the real-time, location-based data that over 400 customers across New Zealand and Australia rely on to keep their businesses running smoothly every day.


Power, water, and gas companies use Smartrak to support the safety and welfare of employees who often work in remote and high-risk environments.


Government organisations at the national, state, and local levels, as well as emergency services use Smartrak to better service their communities, manage operations, and keep their employees safe.

Infrastructure Services

Construction and public works companies use Smartrak to manage job planning, costing, logistics and safety.