About Us

Smartrak is one of Australasia's most sophisticated providers of location-based business intelligence; spanning people, vehicles, and assets. Driven by the EyeQ Visual Intelligence Suite; the TrakWise Fleet and Asset Management and TrakSafe Health & Safety solutions empower organisations with the insights required to optimise their operations and ensure the safety of their most valued assets.

Smartrak is known within the government, utilities, and emergency services sectors for its ability to use its business intelligence expertise to uncover key metrics.  We understand that the true productive use of your most valued assets is critical to your success.  Our world-class asset and safety monitoring solutions enable us to capture these metrics and transform them into actionable insights.

Our solution is a highly configurable SaaS (software as a service) platform that can be tailored to our customer's needs.  Additionally, we have professional services and business intelligence expertise which allows us to further customise the solution to leverage the unique requirements and insights of individual organisations.

In 2017 Smartrak was acquired by the Volaris Group, a division of Constellation Software.  Volaris is the world leader in acquiring, strengthening, and growing vertical market technology companies.




Our Purpose

Empower People

Since day one in 2006, we have been making connections for people so that they can easily communicate with their mobile workforce and better manage their field assets.


Our responsibility is to aggregate data and present it in a meaningful format that empowers our clients to make well-informed decisions.

Distance Doesn't Matter

Ensures that no matter how much distance is between our clients and their employees, their customers, and their assets, they are always able to locate, manage, diagnose and feel comfortable that they are operating safely and efficiently.



2015 Deloitte NZ Fast 50 - the fastest growing technology company in New Zealand's North Island


2011 Deloitte Asia Pacific Fast 500


2010 Deloitte Asia Pacific Fast 500


2010 Deloitte New Zealand Fast 50 - the fastest growing technology company in New Zealand's North Island


Westpac Waikato Business Excellence Award 2010