Our Clients

Smartraks fleet management and safety location-based solutions are used by over 300 private, government and emergency services across Australasia.

With organisations covering a diverse range of sizes, requirements and industries Smartraks clients are a testament to our experience and commitment to deliver value.


  • Smartrak's range of safety solutions includes Personal Locators, Lone Worker Alarms, and in-vehicle Emergency Duress buttons keeping our staff in reach of assistance if necessary
  • We feel comfortable knowing that in an emergency the Smartrak solutions provide accurate GPS location data and can communicate with our response team
  • With the Smartrak Fleet Management System we also gain the advantage of business intelligence for an efficient deployment of vehicles and staff, saving us money, time and resources.

Infrastructure & Services

  •  Smartrak reports help me identify equipment that is surplus to requirements on one site so I can move it to another job
  •  Data identifying poor use of a vehicle such as excessive idling time, harsh acceleration, or braking helps me correct driver behaviour saving fuel costs
  •  With the tailored Smartrak solution I can now measure activity such as time spent digging or loading which is automatically sent to our accounting system for invoicing
  •  Fleet servicing is easily managed through the Smartrak system helping our operations manager schedule and track maintenance services, WOF, COF, and RUC renewals and off-road recovery
  •  Used with the driver identification tool the Smartrak system prevents unauthorised vehicle use.


  •  Smartrak's Fleet Management System gives me the data I need to determine if we have more vehicles than we need based on daily usage
  •  Driver behaviour is monitored and corrected, when necessary, keeping our fuel and maintenance costs down and improving road safety
  •  I can also keep track of contractor services such as street sweeping and roadside spraying accurately, so charges match the work carried out.

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