John Austin LTD

The Company

John Austin Ltd has been providing a comprehensive range of agricultural services to the greater Waikato agricultural community for over 30 years. From spraying through to harvesting, their services are designed to maximise the productivity and profitability of their clients' farming operations.

The Problem

As well as the basic functionality of viewing the location of their agricultural vehicles in real-time, John Austin Ltd required a GPS fleet tracking system that was able to deliver a range of high-end solutions catering to their unique needs.

As John explains, "We wanted the ability to manage our fleet servicing requirements and utilise the built in mapping platform to show the location of our major clients. It's also very useful to be able to track the usage of our auxiliary motor function, such as when spraying, spreading, etc."

"Most importantly, we wanted a solution that would help us to achieve our key company goal of maximising the productivity and profitability of our clients' farming operations," John said.

The Solution

John Austin Ltd has a large and loyal client base throughout the Waikato. They have developed this through providing high quality workmanship and service combined with regular investments in the latest technology.

GPS fleet tracking was one of those technology investments that have enabled John Austin Ltd to drive greater efficiency and more accurate product delivery into pasture and crop management.

John said, "Smartrak were a local Waikato company that shared many of our own core values around being customer focused, professional, showing passion and pride in what they do and exhibiting a continual drive for improvement."

Proving that we're not a 'one size fits all' GPS solution, Smartrak developed enhanced geofences for John Austin Ltd that showed their clients farm size.

John said, "They were able to provide all our basic requirements in one cohesive package, as well as having the in-house capability to build additional functionality for us."

Having a large fleet of agricultural vehicles working long hours in tough conditions, the ability to have fleet servicing (WOF/COF, RUC and registration) automatically updated from the NZTA website was another feature that was of huge benefit, and one that is not provided by other GPS fleet tracking companies.

Smartrak doesn't rest on its laurels, and is constantly looking for new ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of their clients. John said, "We have several new ideas for innovations we would like to work with Smartrak to achieve. These include linking our job management into the Smartrak map site and more detailed mapping of spraying zones."

The Benefits

 In addition to those already mentioned above, the Smartrak GPS tracking system has provided John Austin Ltd with many benefits.

 The company has experienced significant improvements in invoicing and financial planning with the ability to accurately charge for not only on-site time, but also obtain breakdowns of the active time on site thanks to Smartrak PTO recording.

 "We have increased confidence in the safety of our drivers. We know where they are if we're unable to contact them on their phones and we're able to easily provide them with directions if lost," John said.

Smartrak stood out as being different from the other GPS providers. We have confidence that they will continue to deliver new innovations to aid our business.

- John Austin