Tasman Insulation

The Company

Tasman Insulation New Zealand is part of the Fletcher Building group of companies. They are manufacturers of the iconic Pink Batts brand of insulation, and supply the renowned Sisalation range of building underlays and foils to New Zealand. They also export their range of insulation and radiant barriers internationally.

The Problem

There were several key drivers behind Tasman's decision to invest in a fleet management solution. They identified that through real-time visualisation of their vehicle fleet they would be able to operate more efficiently and improve the level of customer service provided by their nationwide sales team. They also wanted to ensure the operation of their vehicle fleet was optimised as much as possible.

The Solution

Smartrak added extra functionality to their already powerful Fleet Management System (FMS) by integrating this with Tasman Insulation's SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This provided authorised staff and management with full visibility of field service personnel.

Smartrak's technical team assisted in developing the capability to generate customised sales reports. Detailed reports can be generated quickly and easily, which has led to a reduction in time spent completing paperwork. Staff now have more time available to service clients.

Being a responsible company, Tasman has a strong commitment to health and safety. Elena Wong explains, "We partnered with Smartrak whose FMS has enabled us to ensure our staff get the help they need whenever and wherever they need it. The effectiveness of this was recently demonstrated when a staff member needed immediate medical help. We were able to pinpoint his location within seconds, then establish the correct support our man needed."

The Benefits

The key benefits have been:

  •  Streamlining of sales reporting through integration of the FMS with Tasman's CRM
  •  Improved customer service
  •  Less time spent on fleet administration and service scheduling

The implementation of the Smartrak fleet management solution within Tasman Insulation has enabled us to deliver a high quality end-to-end solution to our customers via our SAP merchant portal. As Tasman Insulation changes and evolves we're confident that Smartrak will continue to support us to achieve our business objectives.

- Elena Wong