What We Do

Our System

Smartrak's EyeQ™ software provides a holistic look at your business from multiple sources of data.  We connect you to your organisation's location-based and mobile information and give you robust reporting capabilities that help you see the whole picture, allowing you to make informed decisions about the health and welfare of your people, your operations, and your bottom line.


Our solutions are built on over 10 years of customer insights and experiences gained working on behalf of industry leaders in the utility, government and emergency services, and infrastructure sectors.

The fleet and asset management solutions in our TrakWise™ portfolio gives fleet managers the tools they need to satisfy performance related to efficiency, utilisation, maintenance, and safety.

Our TrakSafe™ portfolio takes advantage of location-based information to keep people safe by ensuring an immediate response in an incident.  Whether the person is a lone worker in high risk situation, a professional visiting remote customers, or a member of an emergency service working with the public we have a solution that is fit for purpose.


You need to keep your business on track for efficiency, profitability, and the ability to fulfil a duty of care for your employees.  Our job is to help you do this. 

We start by delivering great products and exceptional service. But we don't stop there.  We ask you to tell us about your goals and challenges.

By applying design-led thinking to these insights we find areas for innovation that are deeply rooted in your desired business outcomes. 

This is our approach to innovation.