EyeQ™ is the central intelligence system that connects you with the information you need to make smart business decisions.

Intuitive Mapping Tools

Customise for your business:

  • Draw geofences to demarcate a boundary around a specific area
  • Simplify the view for large fleets by displaying only selected assets.
  • Add map layers, job information, and points of interest
  • Add zones to create a boundary around a point of interest
  • Import satellite/flyover imagery to provide better detail of work sites and remote areas
  • Import point, line, and polygon data from your asset information system.

Comprehensive Suite of Reports and Graphs

A wide range of easy-to-use and customisable reports help you analyse your data giving you insights to align your operations with your business goals and track progress and performance over time.

  • Generate reports based on a particular time period, a specific vehicle, group of vehicles, or the entire fleet
  • Determine time spent at site locations or in a geofence area
  • Review detailed summary information about trips, distance travelled, and places visited
  • Measure idling time, speeding or harsh and aggressive driving
  • Monitor details of driver hours, rest breaks and hours behind the wheel.

Simple Administration

EyeQ includes an Admin system that makes it easy for you to manage administrative tasks such as creating, editing and deleting users, resetting user passwords, and managing the details for resources including vehicles and other assets.


APIs help you make best use of your organisation's data by unlocking key information and simplifying system integration.

APIs allow you to link the data from EyeQ software to your systems, fleet partners or enterprise systems, leveraging directory services such as Active Directory, your GIS data and other existing applications.

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