Smartrak is pleased to offer API services to our customers. APIs help integrate and automate valuable Smartrak data into your business' software, providing an end to end integration solution.Integrating APIs into your business systems allows you to aggregate and combine data that provides value to your business, both from Smartrak and any other business systems you might have. Smartrak's developer APIs enable you to pull data from Smartrak into other systems, leveraging and expanding the value you can derive from the raw data within Smartrak.

How APIs Can Be Used

  • By importing raw Smartrak data into your business systems, APIs help to automate processes which are currently done manually, realising efficiency across the organisation
  • APIs also allow for more scope, wider access to data points, and access to new data as well as historical data
  • The information accessible via APIs improve the value of raw data, facilitating the exchange and sharing of information between systems and services within the organisation
  • APIs make it easy to turn stand-alone data into actionable information needed for better business decisions

How it Works

  • To get access to the developer APIs you will need to have an authorisation code
  • Each Smartrak account can have multiple API keys. To generate one, log in to Smartrak admin and navigate to the Manage API keys page
  • This code can be used to access the APIs
  • The IT department in your organisation can then create the links that are needed between our system and your chosen systems
  • Once this is done, all data is automatically aggregated in the various systems and will work without you having to do anything

Key Features

  • Smarktrak currently offers the Reporting API. The following elements can be pulled from our system into the business system of your choice
  • Import periods like trips, stop periods, log on periods into the system of your choice
  • Import daily totals to help your statistical data further
  • Import core data as remotes and/or users to help fill gaps in other systems that you are using
*The API library will scale with your business as they are paid for on a per vehicle/asset basis