EyeQ™ Insights

Take the guesswork out of fleet management.  Let EyeQ Insights reveal the operational details you need for effective decision making. EyeQ Insights is an interactive reporting suite that aggregates your Smartrak data into easy-to-read analytics. 

EyeQ Insight reports help you build a 360-degree view of your fleet. EyeQ Insight reports are designed to help you maximise fleet utilisation, identify inefficiencies, reduce fuel costs and improve fleet safety.  With EyeQ Insights, Smartrak takes the manual data manipulation out of the equation so you can get on with running your fleet.

In addition to our core reports, we understand that no two businesses are the same and that you may need a customised report. Leveraging our professional services team Smartrak can build advanced or bespoke reports that deliver the insights you need to be successful.

EyeQ Insights is currently in a limited preview and some limitations will apply. Discuss with your Smartrak Contact or submit an enquiry to organise a demonstration of the preview and learn more.

Reports in preview:

  • Pool Vehicle Availability Report (Advanced Reports) - The EyeQ Insights interactive report provides an overview of how the make-up of your pool vehicles works for your organisation.  Are you being asked for extra vehicles but are unable to determine usage patterns?  This report will assist Operation Managers identify peak usage, seasonal and time-based trends.
  • Trip Report (Core Reports) - The Trip Report helps Fleet Managers understand vehicle utilisation across key metrics such as Total Distance Travelled, Median Trip Distance and Number of Trips. Trend analysis is possible at the fleet level, group, or a specific combination of vehicles. EyeQ Insights provides a powerful drill-through feature to investigate a vehicle in more detail.
  • Idle Report (Core Reports) - The purpose of this report is assist fleet and operations managers understand how vehicles are performing with a focus on vehicle idle time.  Monitoring idle time and identifying trends over time helps with behaviour management and cost reduction. Idle hours is converted into litres and estimated cost, providing clarity on an important dimension that is often overlooked.
  • Overspeed Report - This report helps you identify vehicles who pose a health and safety risk due to speeding. This report focuses on two behavioural measurements - events per 100km and % of drive time speeding. Other measurements such as max speed recorded are also valuable in assessing vehicle performance.
  • Bespoke Report - Got an idea for a report? A specific reporting need ready to be finally solved? EyeQ Insights can deliver what you need with our professional services team. Customised reports leverage the same reporting platform as other EyeQ Insights reports.


  • Intuitive data modelling using filters to help identify trends
  • Multiple data levels make it easy to see the big picture and the supporting detail with an intuitive and powerful drill through capability
  • Actionable insights help you maximise your fleet's performance and monitor the health of your fleet at-a-glance
  • Automated data feeds refresh the reports on a regular basis
  • Helps you build a better understanding of fleet behaviour and identify areas that require management focus
  • Customised reports allow you to dream up a report that meets your specific needs