Intuitive Mapping Tools

Keep track of the location and welfare of your fleet with Smartrak Maps.

Powerful mapping tools provide a 24/7 visualisation of what's happening in the field.

  •  Pinpoint the location of all your vehicles in real-time
  •  Review the history of a trip by date
  •  Monitor real-time "event" updates such as "key on/off", direction change, or stopping.

Users can customise maps in a number of ways:

  •  Draw geofences to demarcate a boundary around a specific area
  •  Simplify the view for large fleets by displaying only selected assets.

Smartrak can provide further customisation by:

  •  Adding map layers, job information, and points of interest
  •  Adding zones to create a boundary around a point of interest
  •  Importing satellite/flyover imagery to provide better detail of work sites and remote areas
  •  Importing point, line, and polygon data from your asset information system.