TrakSafe™ Personal Locator

The TrakSafe™ Personal Locator is an integrated GPS tracking unit with its own cellular communications capability. Designed to the standards required by emergency services and law enforcement personnel, it gives your staff confidence that they are supported in the event of an emergency.

This small personal device provides real-time location information directly to your computer or mobile phone as well as to the maps and functions of Smartrak's EyeQ platform. This means you can locate a person anywhere, anytime - and the full functionality EyeQ is available to monitor the safety and well-being of your staff.

Features include:

  • Large, central button generates an emergency signal when pressed that shows up on the dispatcher's console with the accurate GPS location of your employee
  • Emergency alert text messages and emails are instantly sent to your response team
  • In-built false trigger protects against false alarms
  • A high-gain GPS antenna and assisted GPS module transmits accurate location data, even in poor coverage areas
  • High-resolution tracking shows detailed location information before and after activation
  • Long battery life (32+ hours) and convenient contactless charging
  • Durable and water-resistant housing