TrakSafe™ Protector Pro

The TrakSafe™ Protector Pro 3G is a professional safety device designed to protect lone workers in demanding environments. The small and lightweight (94 g) device is rugged and IP67 dust and water proof.

Using the cellular network the TrakSafe Protector Pro sends a location poll every 2 minutes with polling increasing to 10 seconds when an alert is activated. The device also has the ability to automatically send an alert when the carrier falls over, is motionless for a period of time or fails to check in after a set time period.

All the above along with the ability to open a 2-way voice channel makes the TrakSafe Twig one of the most feature rich products on the market.

Features include:

  • Two-way voice
  • Alarm button
  • Man Down functionality (Tilt and Inactivity)
  • Time based check-in
  • Able to work on cellular networks in Australia or New Zealand
  • Emergency alerts can be forwarded to an allocated monitoring centre and sent by SMS and email

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