TrakSafe™ Protector Pro with SRD


Workers in the field face safety risks every day, especially when working solo. Equip your workers with reliable location-based communication tools and assure immediate response in an emergency. The Protector Pro with SRD, supports welfare monitoring, especially in high risk environments. With wearable pendants available for additional security and convenience.  Integrated with Smartrak's industry leading EyeQTM mapping and reporting software, the Protector Pro offers seamless communication, location identification and alert management. 


  • Pinpoints the exact location of your employees on the EyeQ map site facilitating a fast response in an emergency
  • Covers multiple risk scenarios with intelligent cause and effect features
  • Instantly alerts monitoring staff upon SOS, man-down and timed check-in alerts
  • Adds assurance and support to the person in distress via two-way voice communication function
  • Provides peace of mind that help is on the way with alert receipt functionality

How it Works

  • Sends an alert when a fall is detected or the device is inactive for a prolonged period
  • Timed check-in can be initiated if the user is going into a potentially dangerous situation or out of cellular reception coverage for a short period of time
  • All alert types are communicated via the SmartrakTM EyeQ system which can be monitored in-house or by a 3rd party
  • The device can receive voice calls, opening two-way voice communication
  • Easy-to-use dedicated SOS button for manual notification of an incident. Wearable duress pendants can also initiate manual SOS fuction wirelessly
  • The device sends a low battery event when it drops below 20% remaining life which is shown on the EyeQ reporting software and in an email/SMS
Key Features

  • Small, light and robust; with an IP67 rating to facilitate use in all weather conditions
  • Polls every two minutes with more regular updates in emergencies
  • Large 1350mAH Li-ion battery maximises operating time for 33 hours of use under standard operating settings
  • Automated tilt and inactivity alerts to notify of man-down situations with an incapacitated operator
  • Timer based check-ins ensure security of staff working in areas without reception
  • Two-way voice over 3G/GSM for direct communication between operations centre and remote worker
  • RF Connectivity with up to 5 wearable duress pendants for teams in close operation
  • Independent identification of duress pendants