TrakWise™ solutions support the evolving requirements of fleet and asset managers who need to track performance and utilisation, reduce operating costs, and ensure safe operating practices.


  • Identify ways to use vehicles and plant more efficiently
  • Location-based information helps with route planning, job dispatch, and trip reports
  • Activity-based information makes daily operations easy to manage
  • Easily keep track of non-powered assets


  • Help keep drivers safe with overspeed and vehicle behaviour reports
  • Review events leading up to an accident such as speed, acceleration, and braking
  • Know where your employees are if they need assistance
  • Know that all employees get home safely every night


  • Determine your optimum fleet size based on usage
  • Reduce fuel costs by monitoring and reporting idling time and driver behaviour
  • Reduce administration time and costs with regulatory compliance, such as FBT reporting
  • Streamline processes with automated reminders for servicing, registrations, and WOF
  • Monitor and limit unauthorised or after-hours use of vehicles and assets
  • Simplify integration with robust APIs