TrakWise™ OBD II

Affordable, out-of-the-box vehicle tracking

TrakWise OBD II is a convenient solution for organisations that require basic vehicle tracking and a no-fuss, no-cost installation. The device easily plugs into the vehicle OBD II port and immediately starts communicating with Smartrak's EyeQ™ Visual Intelligence Suite. Quick and simple implementation gives you immediate fleet visibility and access to vehicle data.

Key Features

  • EyeQ map visualisation show location, key on/off, and trip information including speed and direction
  • Geofence entry and exit reporting
  • Compatible with map tag functionality
  • Comprehensive report suite including activity and trip reports and usage reports.
  • Ultra-low power consumption


  • Simple plug-and play installation
  • Zero vehicle Downtime
  • Low Upfront Costs
  • Stretches your investment across more vehicles within your fleet
  • Fully integrated with Smartrak's EyeQ Visual Intelligence Suite for an end-to-end solution
How it Works
  • TrakWise OBD II plugs directly into a vehicle's OBD II port - no need for special tools or an installation service
  • Data will begin recording as soon as the vehicle engine is turned on
  • Includes a cellular modem and high accuracy GPS for reliable location and communication
  • Map data and reports are instantly available on EyeQ