TrakWise™ Garmin fleet 790

Bringing you early access to the Garmin fleet 790 telematics device. This best-in-class tablet with modem (WiFi, 3G/4G) and integrated Dash Cam has been integrated with the EyeQ™ Visual Intelligence Suite.

The portability really turns this device into a device for your mobile workforce.

Smartrak is pleased to offer the next generation Garmin to our suite of TrakWise™ products. What sets this device apart is not just the obvious Garmin capabilities and its portability, but that it can operate with or without an AVL. The Garmin 790 can operate as a standalone tracker at the sacrifice of some of the more advanced data provided by an AVL or can be paired with an AVL for an unsurpassed in vehicle and mobility feature-set.


  • Can operate as a stand-alone device or paired with an AVL for more comprehensive data feedback.
  • More than just a navigation device, removed from the mount it behaves as any portable Android tablet, giving access to productivity applications, such as the TrakWise Prestart Check and Workflow App
  • Dash Cam with continuous auto-record while docked, paired with automatic Incident Detection (records incident footage and stores it in a separate drive)
  • Built-in camera allows it to turn into an on-site productivity tool providing updates to field mobility applications
  • Real-time driver feedback on potential hazards and driving behaviour including overspeed alerts and lane guidance.
  • Navigation and (heavy vehicle optimised) routing
  • Safe use of mobile phone through Bluetooth® connectivity and calling
  • Uses a SIM* for instant in-field communications


  • The portability of the device allows you to use this device for field mobility requirements, effectively consolidating multiple devices into a single unit
  • Ability to add value to your mobile staff by installing your own workflow apps onto the device using AOSP (Android Open Source Platform)
  • Facilitates real-time driver feedback for improved safety and situational awareness
  • Evolving roadmap and optimisation of the device's capabilities developed in conjunction with Smartrak's customers.


  • 12-volt cigarette charger
  • Windscreen mount
  • TrakWise Garmin 790 unit


Features only supported when paired with an AVL:

  • Messaging
  • Dispatch
*Sim to be provided by our customers