TrakWise™ KeyWatcher

TrakWise  KeyWatcher is a  secure, centralised locker that conveniently houses all of your pool vehicle's keys. The administration of keys is handled seamlessly via an integrated software module in the  Smartrak Pool Booking application.  The KeyWatcher solution automatically manages employee access to keys based on authorisation and time-based rules.


  • Fully integrated with TrakWise Pool Booking for seamless management of shared fleet
  • Eliminates the disruption and costs associated with manual key management
  • Allows users to easily identify which keys are checked-out
  • Configure a solution that matches your fleet size with modular, scalable KeyWatcher units
  • Keeps your keys safe and accounted for at all times

How it Works

  • Create a booking in the Smartrak Pool Booking application
  • Access the KeyWatcher device with your unique User ID and PIN
  • Remove the desired key for your vehicle or plant
  • Depart with your booked vehicle
  • Geofence departure/return determines Pool Booking check-out/check-in
  • Return the vehicle or plant key to the KeyWatcher device using your User ID and PIN

Key Features

  • Large, bright 7" touchscreen
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Status bar guides users through the required steps for administration and usage
  • Modular design
  • Locking front door (optional)
  • Includes tamper-proof SmartKey rings
  • Full scalability accommodates any fleet size
  • Fully integrated with Smartrak Pool Booking

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