TrakWise™ Prestart Check

Smartrak has partnered with Whip Around to add a powerful mobile inspection application to the TrakWise product line. The application makes prestart checks faster and easier for users, and less of a headache for managers. Real-time data upload gets the information into the hands of administrators quickly and seamlessly, eliminates manual data entry, and allows maintenance administrators to react quickly to service issues.


  • Gain total visibility over the vehicle and asset inspection process
  • Streamlines issue management for all vehicles
  • Visual cues and intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use 
  • Inspection cards upload automatically - no need for manual data entry
  • Admin controls makes it easy to add users, create groups, and assign permissions

How it Works

  • Set-up users and inspection forms in the Admin 
  • Users login with their unique credentials and select their vehicle and corresponding inspection form
  • Digital prompts lead users through inspection requirements
  • Pass/Fail states are uploaded as reports for review and action 
  • History view shows activity by time & date stamp, by vehicle, and by user
  • Monitor, analyse, and improve performance with dashboard analytics and leader-boards

Key Features

  • Android and iOS-based applications
  • Cloud-based SaaS
  • Responsive design works on all screen sizes
  • Simple set-up for administrators and users
  • Use pre-set inspection cards or create your own customised cards
  • Convert paper checklists or spreadsheets into customised forms
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