TrakWise™ Remora

The TrakWise™ Remora provides easy tracking and management for all of your non-powered assets, such as trailers, containers, and generators.  The device is integrated with the Smartrak EyeQ mapping and reporting software making it easy to quickly locate critical equipment, identify assets available by job site, and recover missing equipment.

Features include:

  • Rugged and robust; designed with an IP67 rating to survive bumps, knocks, and weather exposure
  • Adaptive tracking technology captures every 2 minutes and sends an update every 30 minutes when it is moving 
  • Reduces messaging to every 12 hours when stationary to preserve battery life
  • Recovery mode option which can be activated remotely if an asset is missing or in an unknown location
  • Location report provides an easy, at-a-glance view of all tracked assets
  • Battery report shows lifespan of each device and system alerts signal you when new batteries are required
  • Simple do-it-yourself installation
  • Ultra-long battery life